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We all like stories. They're connecting us to our past and shape our future.

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Bring your imagination to life and embark on a personalized tale. Provide the names of your characters and optionally any distinctive features. With advanced technology, you'll craft a one-of-a-kind complete storybook with custom illustrations.

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Start with a character name. Optionally, provide any details you want, such as other characters, plot place, time, pets etc.


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Watch your story in movie format. Animated graphics and text, with audio voiceovers. Similarly to audiobook version, use available voice or yours.

Kind words

Reviews of the beta version

A Fairy Tale about my own Children - I myself don't know who had more fun reading it - me or my Girls. It started with surprise, because when I was about to fill out the questionnaire needed to create the Fable, I stopped in mid-word - what are my Kids really like? The easy patches were the first to appear: difficult, unruly, and even naughty ๐Ÿ˜‰ so from this place I thank the Creators for making me stop and take a reflective look at my Girls. It's an acerbic side effect, but I'll remember this moment for a long time, because it hit the emotional strings! After that, it's pure pleasure and magic. I wrote down everything in my Children's lives that is important, favorite, that makes them delighted and in good mood, but on the other hand there was also room for what needs to be worked through, for example, balloons bursting too loudly or tags biting. It was possible to flow and znow a little on an emotional level to think about what is really important in our Family. Then a moment of anticipation, and here I warn you, if anyone likes this moment full of excitement, it doesn't last long ๐Ÿ˜‰ after a while I had a ready-made Fairy Tale on my email - everything matched up wonderfully, I got a magical story about my Kids, their friends and beloved Hugs, without which they don't move from home. Everything immersed in the color scheme and climate I chose. As for me - a cookie! And it's baked at express pace from favorite ingredients. My children, of course, also liked it very much - after all, it couldn't be otherwise, because fairy tales are liked by everyone, and if, moreover, in this fairy tale we find ourselves living through interesting adventures and overcoming obstacles, which in real life are also to be overcome, then as our self-confidence grows, so does our love for this magical fairy tale. I feel that this will be one of those Fairy Tales that will stay with us forever. It will give us encouragement during worse days. It will also be a fairy tale album with memories. That's why it's worth taking a moment, and writing out all the important elements from which the Fairy Tale is to be woven.



I am a mom of 3 year old Lucjan and 11 year old Victor. I wanted to share my opinion on the personalized story for my boys. I didn't expect it to be so tailored and realistic. The content is accessible to both boys. Their reaction: surprised faces because of their names and interests in the text - speak for themselves. The illustrations and story fit fantastically with our interests. We recommend with a clear conscience.



Super - the fairy tale was very much enjoyed by the child. We gave it to our daughter for her birthday, she enjoyed it appearing there with her friends. We are waiting for the print version. As for the content, next time we will mark to have fewer threads, just a more developed main plot. The story is well suited to the age. Well used suggestions for characters and content. Pictures lovely, child-friendly and fit well with the content. Can't recommended enough!

Anna K.


Pricing & Plans

Currently, we're in beta-testing phase, and our product is free.

We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions, which is why we're excited to offer a limited free version of our product to our users. However, for those who require higher customization options and more advanced features, we do offer paid options. These options not only provide more flexibility, but they also require additional computing power and resources on our end. Investing in these paid options allows us to continue providing top-notch service and support to all of our users. Thank you for choosing our product!


Imagine a story, we'll make it real

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